Massage and Shiatsu

Topics: Massage, Manipulative therapy, 20th century Pages: 2 (279 words) Published: November 25, 2008
What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu was developed back in the early twentieth century, from Japan. There are

different forms of Shiatsu bodywork that can be given. It promotes the restoration of a

healthy flow of energy throughout the body. And unlike other massage techniques that

focus on one specific part of the body with obvious symptoms, Shiatsu focuses on the

body as a whole. 
Shiatsu is much similar to acupuncture, but without needles. Instead, the massage

therapist uses finger pressure on different points on the body's energy pathways, better

known as meridians. Needles are actually inserted in these control points in acupuncture,

but in Shiatsu, needles are not needed. Instead the MT uses fingers thumbs as well as

palms at times to locate these pressure points. A good way to remember what Shiatsu is

would be to break down the word’s Japanese meaning altogether. The "Shi" in Shiatsu

stands for finger and "atsu" stands foe pressure. Other techniques like rocking, shaking,

joint mobilization and stretches can also be used in the Shiatsu bodywork. 

 The work is usually done on the floor on a mat, but can also be done other ways

like on a table or chair. And unlike Swedish for example the client can remain clothed

during the work. Loose fitting clothes are recommended for both the client and therapist

to comfortably receive the work and do the work. Pillows and blankets are also used for

comfort. Its best to wear light cotton or natural clothes as the treatment is made on the

fully clothed body. Zen Shiatsu especially is very relaxing unlike other types of Shiatsu

styles, but each usually take around 50-60 minutes.
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