Massacre at Mystic

Topics: Pequot War, Pequot, Massachusetts Bay Colony Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Day 1: Massacre at Mystic
The first day took place on May 26th, 1637 in a Pequot village at Missituck (located near the Mystic River in Connecticut). What happened was the English and Indian allies had attacked the Pequot village. Within that group, there were 70 English, 70 Mohegans, and 500 Narragansetts. The Mohegans and the Narragan were the allies of the English. The English were Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, led by Major John Mason and Captain John Underhill. The massacre was the first time the English had been involved in the killings of Native Americans. The purpose of the Puritans migrating to America was to start a new life and for religious freedom from England. The Pequot village was the wealthiest, largest, and powerful tribe of Connecticut. The Pequots were also dominant in military and political force.

Part of the Massacre at Mystic started when two “Block Islanders,” who were thought to be Pequot but were really a subtribe of the Narragansett, pretended to seek trade with John Oldham. Once they were aboard his ship, they killed him and stole all of his goods. Along with the murder of Oldham, the murder of John Underhill also led to John Endicott seeking revenge on the Pequots. The Puritans officially declared when the Pequot started killing colonists, capturing women, slaughtering livestock, and burning storehouses from the English Population. The battle lasted less than an hour. The English captured whoever they could find and beheaded them and tortured them, among with other things. One 160 men went looking for Sassacus, who was traveling with 400 followers. Once they finally found him, the English tried to negotiate the release of 200 women and children, but he slipped away. He later had his head cut off from trying to get help from the Mohawk, who were Sassacus’ old enemies, and they sent it to the English as a token of friendship. The war officially ended in September 1638 when tribal leaders that were left signed the Treaty...
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