Mass, Volume, and Density Lab

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Mass, Volume, and Density Lab
The purpose of this lab was is to find the mass and volume of an object. Then to find the density of the object using the measurements of the mass and volume.
graduated cylinder

dropping object into graduated cylinder too fast may cause it to break
First get out the equipment that will be needed. Make sure to have about 5 objects that can fit inside a graduated cylinder easily, preferably metals. Also be in a room with water available.

Get the object and set it on the scale (obviously if the scale is electronic, it must be turned on first). Record the mass of the object in a data table. Do this with several objects.
Next fill the graduated cylinder with enough water to cover the object. Record this amount. Then, slowly drop the object in to the graduated cylinder. What is the amount now? Record it. Now, subtract the first volume from the second one. Record this amount in the data table under the volume section. Also do this with several objects, make sure to use the same objects that masses were recorded and do it in the same order.

Now, take the numbers in the data table and follow this equation to get each objects density: d= M/V. The M stands for mass, the V stands for volume, and the d stands for density. Record this information in the data table also.


The lab was about the relationships between the mass, volume, and density of different objects. If an object has a larger mass than its volume, it will have a larger density than an object with a smaller mass than its volume.

The more accurate the scale the more accurate the answer for your mass. With volume, if it was measured by taking the length, width, and heighth of each object...
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