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Introduction of Research
In this globalization era, the internet or the virtual world has becoming more complicated and has the potential by showing more effective platform of various collaborative activities which includes academic and education purposes. The intention and the desire regarding the uses of internet world are all about the uses of the internet. By doing this, it has led to the freedom of using the internet with the purpose of gaining information for various purpose that have arouse various of advantages and disadvantages of the subject. As been proposed by Kaunchin, Injazz and Howard (2001) on freedom of the internet, they explained that the impacts of over-time spending on the internet may lead to several impacts to the user’s life. This shows that the internet can contribute various impacts to the users not only as source and information purpose but more than that. Since internet is a borderless media, it can give us anything that we can possibly ever think of. Moreover, the internet is the most important communication medium today, that can be used as a two way communication. According to James Selvin (2000), he explains that rather than comparing other types of media, the internet has remarkably rising in various mode of other conventional communication which means radio and television. This demonstrate that the changed of internet as the world seeking information has become crucial for communication revolution. Internet development has given various perspectives, especially in our life on academic purposes. However, the internet has given many bad impressions in our life that we must aware by means to the addiction to internet. This addiction can lead to slower productivity, damaging the individual relationship with others and can make them fail in their life and hard to achieve success. By doing this study, we will unveil the facts with the help of quantitative results, on how does the freedom of the internet can give impacts to their social lives and the daily purposes of the internet in academic achievement purposes. This may include with entertainment (music, celebrities and etc), information seeking (academic purposes) and the interpersonal communication. Therefore, by doing this research, it will help us to explained on how we neglected and unaware on the impacts that may occur to us.

Problem Statement
The freedom of internet is a very popular topic to be discussed on the impacts, especially in the market place of ideas for the users. There are many ways to determine on how does the freedom of internet plays a role in our lives. As a new generation, we must aware on the implications that the internet can give to us positively or negatively in student’s life. This powerful medium of new media is being freedom utilized for various level of life including in student’s life. This study will describe about the advantages and disadvantages impact to the student.

Research Objectives
1. To determine the purpose of the internet usage among students. 2. To determine the impact on internet freedom and addiction towards the students. 3. To determine whether the students are depending too much on internet or not.

Research Questions
1. What is the purpose of using the internet?
2. How far can the internet affect the student’s life?
3. Are students depending to much on the internet?

Literature Review
The effect on freedom of internet among the students were focusing on whether the students including various types of and sector of the internet user such as doctors, engineers, lawyers and many more. As for this research we will be focusing on towards the students on UiTM. According to Staushaw and LaRose (2000), the internet...

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