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Topics: Nutrition, Anorexia nervosa, Mass media Pages: 3 (1809 words) Published: October 27, 2014
CAS100A- Section 207 Hillary Jones Policy Speech The media has a negative influence on body image, specifically eating disorders Introduction (Attention Getter) 8 out 10 women who answered a People magazine survey said that images of women on television make them feel unattractive and insecure. After viewing images of female fashion models, 70 of women felt more depressed and angrier than they did before seeing the images. As the National Eating Disorders Association website clearly shows, the media has a tremendous influence in the average consumers life. (Audience Adaptation) Ladies, weve all seen the scantily clad Victorias Secret commercials and wondered why we dont have Giseles legs. And guys, Im sure some of you are jealous of Brady Quinns six pack as pictured on Mens Health this month. Like it or not, were all influenced by the media, especially in terms of the ideal body image and how we measure up to it. (Credibility statement) After discussing eating disorders with a registered dietitian who is a licensed dietitian nutritionist, I feel confident with the topic of the medias relationship with body image and its effects on society. (Thesis) The media has a negative influence on body image which can be changed in order to minimize the effects on eating disorders. (Preview of main points) Problem First, I will convince you that the media plays a detrimental role in the exacerbation of eating disorders. Policy Second, I will explain my policy of how the media could downplay its promotion of an unrealistic body image. Cure Third, I will show how my policy will solve the problem of media providing negative stereotypes which promote unrealistic body images. Cost and lastly, I will show how the benefits of my plan outweigh the costs (Transition) So what exactly is the problem the media has created Body Main point 1 The media plays a detrimental role in the exacerbation of eating disorders. Magazines, newspaper, television, and the internet all promote...
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