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The HUB model of mass communication describes essential aspects of media in the communication process. This model helps with analyzing the mediums with which mass communication takes place. All of the concepts within the HUB model are essential in the process of communicating, including feedback. Feedback stated simply is information being relayed back to the person releasing the original content (otherwise known as the source). Feedback is vital when it comes to influencing the source. The Ithacan is an award winning student newspaper at Ithaca College. Its success has much to do with the success of the HUB model, as each feature helps the medium of communication run smoothly. The Ithacan relies on information such as feedback to improve their work and continue in their success. When gathering information from members of the Ithacan about feedback, it became clear that is it a fundamental part of the mass communication process. When speaking with Ramya Vijayagopal, a columnist from the Ithacan, it became evident how necessary feedback is as a writer. Ramya writes a biweekly opinion column about women’s issues. When asked about how vital feedback is in her work, Ramya responded: “It is important to know that your work is touching people’s lives, even in the smallest way, and when they notice enough to give you feedback, even if the feedback is negative, it is still a great sign because it means they read the work”. This concept is a form of feedback in its own way. People’s response to a writer’s work, even if it isn’t necessarily constructive, gives the source a specific perception of their own work. A huge reason feedback is so necessary, however, is the content. When the receiver decodes the message and responds with feedback, the source is able to react and change accordingly. Ramya said that her ideal feedback is “an opinion, positive or negative, that has some reasoning attached to it”. In order to react to the feedback, the source must be persuaded by the opinion. Indicating a specific reason behind the negative or positive reaction creates a cyclical mode of communication. By allowing the feedback to affect the source’s work, the receiver becomes part of the process. Feedback is an important part of the process because it allows the writer to grow and improve. Ramya spoke about a specific time when feedback affected her: “My Introduction to Journalism Professor, Brian Delaney, told me he liked my Miley Cyrus column because it didn’t just bash on Cyrus for her promiscuous behavior, it looked deeper and addressed an issue that many people had not considered or noticed”. The fact that Delaney used specific examples of why he liked the article gave Ramya a descriptive version of feedback, which can be the most useful. While feedback in general is an important concept to understand, there are several kinds of feedback that can affect the source in different ways. Within the Ithacan, there are two types of feedback in regards to the newspaper’s articles. The first form of feedback occurs before the article is published, even before the author begins to write. This process commences with the weekly meeting held by the editors to discuss and assign topics to the writers. Once they are assigned, the writers will usually meet with the editors to discuss their article’s intended angle, sources ideas, etc. By proposing different ideas to the editors, writers will receive feedback through face-to-face conversation. The writers then begin their story but still are constantly in contact with their editor in order to confirm if they are doing things correctly. If something does not agree with the editor’s intentions or ideas, the writer must change their story to match their goals. This type of feedback is often directly through text, message, telephone, or email.

Once the writer is finished with the article, he or she must submit their work to the editor. The editor then reads and revises the story. The first draft of the...
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