Mass Media Culture

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Mass Media Culture
Today’s media portrays life in many different ways, such as sitcoms, dramas, and comedies. The show I chose to observe was Switched at Birth. In the show, I observed issues that are common throughout many families. To compare the show’s interactions, I decided to go to the mall and observe everyday life interactions between other people.

For this project, I chose to watch Switched at Birth, an ABC family series. This show involves two families that had their daughters switched at birth and are now living together. I believe that this show pertains to all age groups because of its moral values, however, I feel that teenagers would benefit and relate better to the shows messages. I chose this show because it provides many interactions with family, school life, and relationships. While I observed the show, I recorded my comments on a sheet of paper.

For my real life observations, I decided to observe human interaction at the mall. I observed a mixture of different people; parents and children, teenagers, and couples. I chose this setting to observe because many people go to the mall and that is an opportunity for interactions. I took my note book and a pencil and acted like I was doing homework at the Starbucks tables while I took notes on other people’s interactions.

In the show Switched at Birth, we see the struggles that the families go through as they learn about each other. Daphne, who is deaf, is a strong girl who is outspoken however, cannot always communicate with the rest of the family and other characters. Bay is the other daughter who is an artist with an independent personality and prides herself on doing things on her own. Before Daphne and her mother moved in together with Bay’s family, who is rich, they lived in a rundown house. Unity is very important to this family. The families’ goal is to become closer, learning about each other and from one another. From what I observed, family and acceptance are important to them....
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