Mass Media and Important Role

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1. Introduction
Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, media generally plays an important role in information broadcast all over the world (Paul, 2007). It is objectively response the society which effectively made the life clearly (Shayne, Chris, 2003). At the same time, today in most of countries, the power of media is more and more obvious. It can not only criticize the bad social forces, but also help the weak. However, although the enormous power of media has some advantages, it also has some disadvantage; the real report of media would reflect many ugly phenomenons which made mass people breeding the pessimism emotion. Also with the enormous power of media, it brings lots of malicious speculation event (Vipond, 2000). This essay wants to analyze this problem, through contrast the advantage and disadvantage brought by media, then combined the analysis, the essay will give corresponding conclusion.

2. Body
In Australia, the main media tools are the newspaper, broadcast, television and internet. With the popularity of the computer, in most of the countries, internet has become the important media to propagate the information. There are numerous advantages brought by the media which will be detail analyzed in the following. Media can call on the help from people all over the world. Through the well know the news propagated by the media; people can get the news all over the world (Sitaram, Huberman, 2009) It can be illustrated from some examples, in the 2008, in china, the big earthquake happened in Sichuan province which destroyed the entire city of Wenchuan. Through the news report of media in Australia, Australians know the bad news in china; meanwhile, the media broadcast the miserably conditions after the earthquake which calls the pity of the people all over the world. They provide the help to the earthquake victims. Everyday at that time, it can be hear from the television, china had got the donation from other...
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