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Topics: Mass media, Rock music, Internet censorship Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: February 9, 2011
There are many researchres, the purpose is to find out about the influence of media on young people. It is undeniable that the mass media has a lot of effects in our everyday life, especially to young people who have not had enough maturity. (in the age of 12 – 21) Let’s find out what is the mass media. The mass media is any medium that transmits mass communication, such as newspaper, books, magazines, etc. It also refers collectively to all media technologies, including computer games, internet, TV shows and radio. Both of these highly-tech countries, Singapore and United State of America, are the good examples to be discussed about the effects of some mass medias in this essay. Singapore is the well-known country as the communicative country. It is because Singapore is a small island, there is a wireless covers all areas in the island. Therefore you can easily access the website all over the world. Singapore’s government has the Media Development Authority to block the undesirable website, mainly targets sexual, political, violence, racial and religious issue. Although Singapore’s government has the authority to block, censor and control about private information on the internet, there are still some problems about the internet. Many teenagers in Singapore use technologies especially internet in a bad way. Some use internet in order to hack, gamble, prostitute through chatting room. This indicates that internet has an influence to young people today. The national internet advisory council of Singapore, the authority that controls the usage of internet, had held a project to campaign teenagers in Singapore to use internet in a valuable way. The name of this project is Cyber wellness. Michael Yap, the leader of this campaign said that teenagers spend the most of time playing game online, surfing internet and chatting, including the young people who have not had enough maturity. There are many danger related to the internet. In the same way in United State of...
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