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To live in the modern world is impossible without expanding your knowledge in all spheres. There are different ways of getting information — mass media, travelling, visiting museums, meeting people and others. Mass media play an important role in our life. It includes newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, internet, phones and computers. People are united into one global community with the help of mass media. People can learn about what is happening in the world very fast using it.

The earliest kind of mass media was newspaper. The first newspaper had written in 59 B.C. They may be daily, or weekly. The newspapers contain and give coverage of local, home and foreign affairs. Their publications deal with very burning problems of our history, latest events and forecasts for future. They also touch upon cultural, sport news.

Magazines appeared in 17th century. They developed from newspapers and booksellers. They may be weekly, monthly and quarterly. Radio and TV appeared only in 20th century.

The history of Internet began in the United States in 1969. It was a military experiment. The internet helped to survive during a nuclear war, because it could be dangerous to get out for any living being to get some information to anywhere.

The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. It embraces hundred of millions of users all over the world and helps us to communicate with each other. Nobody knows exactly how many people use the Internet today, because there are hundred of millions of users and their number is growing.

Nowadays the most popular Internet service is e-mail. Most of the people use the network only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. But now you can work through the internet, play games, read books, learn languages, watch films, TV programs.

Television is one of the main and most convenient means of mass media. It is a great source of entertaining. Every day there is a wide choice of films and serials on TV —...
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