Mass Media

Topics: Mass media, Violence, Gender Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: December 14, 2008
Mass Media
In today’s society change happens and mainly will continue for many generations to come. The media is what organizes and satisfies the change all the time. What is know as gender, sexuality, femininity, and most of all identity are in a process of gradually changing in mean future. The media has a significantly strong but not as close, as the relationship with the audience’s view of gender and identity. In many views Women are represented as one of the largest group in today’s society, with the a significance and effective roll. But in the media what has been shown is to be extremely false images of women in our world. These images are being created by those who don’t see the wrong side of the economy but only the side that is being helped, mainly being those who make the millions being behind the scenes.

Without doubt, Mass Media is a strong and powerful cause which has been influencing our views upon life, our beliefs, attitudes. Where it also influences the values that we have come to see in ourselves and especially others who are living around the world. Media does not just try to communicate and does not simply try to provide reality in a more or less honest way. But in real life, the media production only suggests/offers something for its audience to keep busy. Not only offering production to its audience it shapes the way in which we see by creating shared psychological modes. No one has the same views and opinions in life unless they belong to a colony, where in most cases Mass Media productions are used and paraphrased by the audience, according to their status such as social, cultural, religious and ones personal situation.

Mainly the Media’s demonstration of women’s problems in today’s society concentrates on the physical violence and sexual violence against them. Though it is hard to believe that with the well educated and high standard society, the problem of women and violence it cannot be adequately proven as a single scale....
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