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Mass media and politics agenda unit III

4. Describe how the media shape public opinion. What are the consequences of the media’s influences in the public opinion? The media has shaped public opinion. “For many years, students of the subject tended to doubt that the media had more than a marginal effect on public opinion. The "minimal effects hypothesis" stemmed from the fact that early scholars were looking for direct impacts - for example, whether the media affected how people voted. Consequences-the media influences the criteria by which the public evaluates political leader.

5.What is the policy agenda? Who are the policy entrepreneurs and how do they utilize the media to get their issues on the policy agenda? Policy agenda is the issues that attract the serious attention of public officials and other people actively involved in politics at the time. Policy entrepreneurs are people who invest their political “capital in an issue. They use press releases, press conferences, letter writings, reporters and columnist to tell their stories to tell their political agenda.

6.Explain how the news media affects the scope of government and American individualism. How have they helped and hindered the growth of the democracy in the United States. Media’s affect on the scope of government- the media has held the government responsible for handling almost every major problem (Poverty, medical care, education). The media encourages the government to take on many tasks. American Individualism- media has reinforced and furthered individualism in the American Political process. Americans can see the candidates “up-close and personal” there is less need for political parties and social groups to help make their decisions. Media has helped and hindered the growth to democracy due to widespread access to information.

V Mass media and the political agenda
Factions-term used by Madison to denote what we now call interest groups Fairness doctrine-Federal...
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