Mass Hysteria

Topics: Firearm, Primary school, Gun Control Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: February 6, 2013
The shootings in Newtown, CT showed a great form of mass hysteria in all of America back n December. The shootings involved a older man who killed many kids in Sandy Hook Elementary School. This has caused much debate on both school security, and gun laws if guns can be easily bought and registered under a man’s name. This brought much scare and sadness to all of America to think that a man walked into an elementary school and shot faculty and students. Many people started panicking about this event debating on whether their children are actually safe at school. Parents worried to drop their kids off at school one day, and never be able to see them again. It caused many to be afraid of what happened. It also brought up the problem of why it is so easy to own a gun now in the states, and if there should be more laws on owning a gun. Many people believed there should be and others said that it was unconstitutional for people to be stripped from their guns and defense. I think that this was a learning experience as well for America. Now we know that schools should be more secured and safer for a child. Schools should also be running lockdown drills to practice for when there is an actual shooter or threat in the school. It’s not that people should stop worrying about this issue, but they should be worrying about how they are going to stop it from happening again.
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