Mass General Hospital

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1.What are the primary challenges in improving operating processes in a health care environment? •Maintaining Quality Care.
Coordination of department segments
Reducing cost without compromising patient care
Support from the staff / stakeholders
To remove / determine non-value added activity
Conformance and control

2.What is a care path?
Care path is used to manage the quality in healthcare with regards to standardization of care process by minimizing delays and with resource utilization while maximizing the quality of care. 3.What are its specific features?

Control Cost
Diagnostics testing
Create efficiencies
Improves communication
Improves coordination
Allows for flexibility
Provides Reliability
Faster diagnostics

a. What does it not do?
Apply to all
Make any guarantees

4.What are the most common causes of extended stay for CABG patients? •Not having a Care path
Amount of therapy required
Level of complications
Health care payment method

5.What are some of the important steps the team took to develop the care path to make it acceptable to everyone involved? •Creating of cross functional teams
Working with and listening to everyone
Making all feel like part of the process
Ensuring there are quality controls / checks and balances

6.What are the hazards of standardizing the process too rigorously? •Not getting buying from staff
Increasing cost

7.What are the dangers of allowing too much freedom to customize the process? •Increasing cost
Failure to collaborate
Patient takes too long to be diagnosed or misdiagnosed

8.Does every care path patient have to go through all the steps in the care path? What happens to patients who do not follow the path fully?

No, patients can be removed from any step within the care path once it is determined that the care path is not going to work for the patient....
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