Mass Apathy vs. Indivisual Evil

Topics: Joseph Stalin, George Orwell, Sociology Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 4, 2013

Sara Garcia
Mrs. Friedsam
English 2 Pre-Ap
22 March 2013
Blind Asset
The human mind, an opinion filled, sometimes irrational sponge. Absorbing knowledge from the outside world and manipulating it to form our perceptions and ideas. Every human on Earth can think, the ultimatum however, is that some of the said humans are able to comprehend and enhance their ideas better than others. This is where the separation of the leader/follower arises. A separation that is encouraged by the support of someone, a society, that chooses to lay the weight of responsibility on someone else’s shoulders. Society is where the problem commences.

Directly connected to an individual power, mass apathy demonstrates that the more power and authority a single person holds, the more other people are willing to follow. Reversely, if a leader acknowledges that his society shows indifference towards his decisions, that he is able to control without boundaries, this is where a leader turns into an evil. An evil that is created by a careless mass, the true evil.

In George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, Napoleon is depicted as a fearless, persuasive leader that his animals follow blindly. But how is it that he became leader? The animals acknowledged that he was the one most capable, the one that knew most about the world. The society of animals chose to give Napoleon the power. He aimlessly became a symbol of freedom. Symbol of hope. If a leader is able to spark an intended goal or hope in a mass of lost people, bestowed upon him will be the society’s trust. Once trust is in someone else’s hands, apathy arises. Too much apathy.

Along with apathy is a sense of dependency. A simple example of this is parents; we depend on our parents for shelter, food, protection. We depend on them because we know there are things that we alone cannot handle. We blindly follow because they have our trust. Now in relative terms, if there is someone out there that is able to help a...
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