Topics: Concrete, Rebar, Masonry Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Find out types of building masonry - brick, stone, marble, granite, travertine, concrete blocks & glass block. Find out the difference, benefit and bad points of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and precast concrete.


Masonry is basically materials that are made up of brick, stone, marble, granite , traventine, concrete blocks, glass blocks are stacked up one by one together by mortar to make walls. They are also called masonry units.

There are different types of masonry walls, they are:
Composite masonry walls.
Masonry cavity walls.
Masonry loadbearing walls.
Reinforced masonry walls.
Posttensioned masonry wall.

These 5 types of masonry walls can accommodate for different types of situation given the condition, costing and design of a building.
Composite masonry walls have a good balance for its appearance and cost. It is a solid masonry wall of more than one wythe with an outer wythe of stone or face brick and a backup wythe of hollow concrete masonry. Composite masonry walls may be loadbearing or nonloadbearing.

Masonry Cavity Walls prevents water from reaching the interior of the building by making a hollow space between the outside and inside wythes of the wall. To further protect the masonry against water, a damproof course may be applied to the cavity side of the interior wythe of the wall.

Masonry loadbearing walls are constructed of brick, stone, concrete masonry can be used to support roof and floor structures of wood light framing, heavy timber framing, steel, sitecast concrete, precast concrete and masonry vaulting. These masonry loadbearing walls act as exterior walls or interior partitions and they are often economical for construction.

Reinforced masonry walls are loadbearing masonry walls that may be built with or without reinforcements. Unreinforced masonry walls cannot carry heavy loads of stresses as they have little ability to resist tension forces. Steel...
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