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Lodge Concord No.204


1. Prologue

2. Objective of Essay

3. Introduction

4. Masonic voyage of Candidate

5. Epilogue

A Hindu View of Masonry

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience1.”


The title of my paper “A Hindu View of Masonry” may appear misleading since one of the chief features of modern philosophical thought is the growing universality of outlook. Thus, it may appear inappropriate to project the mood of provincialism. But what justifies my title is that, when we speak of Indian philosophy or Eastern philosophy, we mean the philosophy that has developed in a certain region of the earth. We do not mean that the truth which the philosophy aims at is of the provincial character. The aim of philosophy is to reach the truth which is always universal and unconditional-‘Ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti’ (truth is one, called differently by many).

I. Objective of paper:

My investigation is based on an imaginary candidate experiencing each plane of Masonic craft journey and to give commentary with the help of prolific Indian philosophy on his gradual transmutation process into a realized soul.

I wish to emphasize that I am neither a philosopher nor Gnostic. I have simply put together material from various sources for which ‘select Bibliography’ has been appended. It would be my responsibility to state straightaway that apart from documented information, I have liberally used my imagination to connect the dots in the preparation of this paper. I humbly claim that my writings make no pretence to being complete or dogmatic and crave the indulgence of the reader for my shortcomings.

1. Pierre Tielhard de Chardin- French Philosopher


Freemasonry is not the first attempt by mankind to form cohesive organizations. Being ancient and universal, it steadily emerged as the largest fraternal Institution comprising five well established systematic departments2 - Ritual, History, Symbolism, Law and Philosophy. Philosophy as a subject though appealing to only a few, is by no means least of all. Ignorance of the subject of Masonic Philosophy is profound. But, a zealous Mason interested in philosophy will, however, find in Masonic thought an extraordinary mass of material whose spiritual insight or the rational philosophy can be paralleled with any other spiritual traditions attained in the world. The deeper essences of Masonic teachings are quite as interesting and instructive as the systems of either Plato and Aristotle or Kant and Hegel or the marvellous psychological analyses of Upanishads.

1. Freemasonry and Indian Thought - A comparison

With the emergence and recognition of Indian philosophy, one can realize that Freemasonry has several distinct features in line with Hinduism. Philosophy in India is essentially spiritual. The term Hinduism is of recent origin & doesn’t appear anywhere in Vedic texts. Therefore, Hinduism at best can be described as totality of philosophical thoughts & refers to SANATANA DHARMA. Sanatana Dharma means eternal law, it represents much more than just a religion; it provides its followers with an entire way of life that makes their inner life more perfect, more comprehensive, more universal, and in fact more truly human.

Freemasonry also shares identical perception. It is not a unitary religion or faith or a body of Dogmas & cults but a liberal pluralistic tradition. This tradition offers methods & technique all with a view to realize the ultimate truth.

2. Roscoe pound- Philosophy of Masonry

Freemasonry, akin to Hinduism, aims to preach that all knowledge is within the human soul & no knowledge comes from outside. It is not discovered but remains covered. Once the veil is removed from the soul, it reveals itself. The man from...
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