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Mason's Essay

Topics: High school, Management, College, Leadership / Pages: 2 (452 words) / Published: Jan 2nd, 2014
The four-fold motto of the National Honor Society is important for me to succeed in everything I do. I wish to be accepted into this prestigious society, where there are such important academically and morally centered values to which I can adhere my actions. The ideals of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service apply to my life in many ways. First of all, Scholarship is important to me in my life. I have always strove to attain the best grades in school that I possibly could. I continue to strive to do the best in school and everything else in which I participate. I currently maintain a 4.6 GPA, with four Honors courses. Even with the many clubs and activities I am involved in, I can uphold scholarship in my life as I continue to maintain my high GPA. Secondly, upholding a strong character is something in which I take pride. In addition to maintaining a high GPA, a character of respect, humility, and honesty is important in my daily life. If I have good grades, but am not honest about my work, it all amounts to nothing. I have kept a honorable character throughout high school, and will continue to strive to keep my character by treating others as I want to be treated as well as having respect for authority and my peers. Service is also a major part in my life, in school and in my community. I participate in organizing Catholic retreats for junior high children as part of my youth groups. Also, I am an altar server and usher in my local parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, and help at Our Lady of Lourdes school. At school, I strive to serve my peers in any way I can, including helping them study and giving advice. In my life, I find it most gratifying to give of myself, rather than to do everything for my own benefit. The last part of the National Honor Society's motto, leadership, also applies to my life. I hold many leadership positions including Vice President of my class, Co-president of Foreign Language Club, and Our Lady of Lourdes retreat team leader. I also lead by example in the classroom and athletic settings. It is important for me to continue to become more of a leader in everything I do, especially as I transition into being an upperclassmen. I believe I live out the ideals of the National Honor Society. The motto of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service will continue to motivate my continued success in my high school career as well as future success in college and in my career path. I plan to always carry out this motto in every aspect of my life.

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