Maslow Hierarchy of needs

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Two-factor theory Pages: 4 (1089 words) Published: June 30, 2014

In my opinion, money is not the only thing that can motivate employees but still it is very important to motivate employees. To decline that the view of money is the only thing that can motivate employees. We relate to the 3 most famous motivation theories that are MASLOW, HERZBERG and McGregor. Companies around the world are now cutting back their financial-incentive programs, but few have used other ways of inspiring talent. We think they should. Numerous studies have concluded that for people with satisfactory salaries, some nonfinancial motivators are more effective than extra cash in building long-term employee engagement in most sectors, job functions, and business contexts. Many financial rewards mainly generate short-term boosts of energy, which can have damaging unintended consequences. Indeed, the economic crisis, with its imperative to reduce costs and to balance short- and long-term performance effectively, gives business leaders a great opportunity to reassess the combination of financial and nonfinancial incentives that will serve their companies best through and beyond the downturn. In the MASLOW theory, we can see that 5 of the needs that is physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization needs. Within these five needs we can see that not only the money can motivate our employees. But some of the safety needs like security and protection from physical and emotional harm are also needed to motivate the employees. A person without protection they will lose up a lot of energy when they work. As we can see, an employee that work for a company for long time they will not only see the money as motivator but other needs like esteem, self-actualization, physiological and also social needs. The example for self-actualization is growth, achieving one’s potential, and self-fulfillment. Besides that, we should give our employees those needs that they wanted or needed. If the employee had worked for quite a long time for company and he...
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