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Grand Theorist Abraham Maslow Abraham Maslow, American Psychologist, was born on April 1, 1908. His parents were Jewish immigrants who fled from their home country of Russia to escape persecution in the early 20th century. Maslow faced anti semitism and racism as he grew up in a very poor working class neighborhood in New York. Maslow was also classified as a child with mental instability; which heavily influenced his theory as an adult. With that being said, Maslow only had a few close friends growing up with his cousin being his closest. He also held a deep resentment for his mother, Saying he did not care for her would be an understatement. During his childhood, Maslow spent most of his childhood in libraries letting the books fill his mind with vast amounts of information. As he grew into his teens, he attended the top high school for boys in Brooklyn, and was the chief officer of many clubs and the school’s physics newspaper, Principia. After high school, Maslow attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He went on to be a professor at Brooklyn College, Brandeis University, New School for Social Research, and Columbia University. His mentor was Harry Harlow, known for his experiments with monkeys and their cloth and wire mothers in closed environments. Abraham Maslow died of a heart attack in Menlo, Park in California when he was only 62. During Maslow’s lifetime, he created what we now call “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” This is the idea of a human being having certain needs that need to be met before they can go the the next level. It is set up as a pyramid and it goes from step to step, and each step needed to be fulfilled for a person to move up in the pyramid. From bottom to top the needs are listed as follows: Physiological being the first and then moving up to safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. The first things that need to be met are pretty simple such as breathing, eating, sex, and going to the restroom. The second step

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