Maslow's Assessment

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Psychology Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 20, 2009
Maslow’s Assessment Test La’Shaundra Young Swift Dr. Lunceford PSY 330 March 29, 2009 Maslow’s Assessment Test Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, theorized by Abraham Maslow, details the importance of needs, often visualized in a pyramid format. . The higher needs, in the higher, only come into play, once the lower levels needs are met. The online assessment, at, scored me in comparisonto Maslow’s theory, by having me to answer thirty-six questions. My responses were scored according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The assessment mainly consisted of thirty-six questions, in which I had to response ranges from inaccurate to very accurate. My results were not surprising to me at all. My results, first and foremost, stated that physiological needs were being adequately met. Physiologicalneeds, such as water and food, are deemed the most important, in Maslow’s theory. With that major lower level need, in his theory, I am able to move above to the next level, in the hierarchy, which is safety needs. Safety needs consistsconsist of safety and security. The assessment stated that my needs were being adequately covered in this area as well. Questions, on the assessment, that I felt like that covered this segment appeared to be a little odd, in my opinion. One asked, “DoI feel as if I would be a crime victim?” I feel that no one feels that they will become a crime victim. Who intentionally sets out to become a crime victim? My level in the love section was extremely low. I have no type of social connections of any kind. I am married, but my husband and I really do not display any type of emotions, so I do feel unloved. Not only by him, but from my mother as well. I am also dealing with some personal issues pertaining to loving myself. Since my needs are not being met in this area, I am deficient in the later areas as well. Naturally, according to Maslow’s theory, since my needs were not met in the previous hierarchy level, then any levels following...
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