Masks of the Universe: Cosmologies Since the Beginning of Time

Topics: Universe, Galaxy, General relativity Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: April 18, 2014
Weekly Response

This week Professor Wil van Breugel’s lecture was on “Masks of the Universe: Cosmologies Since the Beginning of Time”. He discussed how humans viewed The Universe, The Maya Cosmology, and The End of Time in 2012. Breugel explained how we see the universe through magic then mythic then finally scientific. Which I agree on because we do see the universe magically, imagining it as a place that is endless, mythically by believing that there are aliens or a higher being, and scientifically by proving stars are gases or how the big bang sounds. Questions Breugel asked that still have me thinking are, “What is life? What is the Universe?” At every age, through out the world people believe they have discovered the true universe and have figured out what life is. One might say life is happiness, or full of love, and the Universe are matter, space, etc. When in reality no one really knows. Along with asking those questions, Breugal also lectured about the limits of knowledge. Stating that at every age, in all societies people believe that they have discovered the universe. Especially religious people, they have faith that the world was created by goals and rules by supernatural forces and early people from about 100,000 years ago explained the world through spirits. The Maya Cosmology creation was a process of trial and error. This process was how the Mayan went through many gods before creating humans. The Mayan failed to create real people many times. The farthest the Mayan got to was discovering the separation of the sky and Earth. They lived in a belief that they lived inside a god who provided food, water, and all the tools they needed to make clothing, housing, or hunting tools. The ancient Mayan though, all shared the same idea of the universe. Believing that every human action was supposed to be meant to please their gods to maintain a natural balance of the world. Also, if they followed the hypothesis, they believed their god would...
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