Mase Prison Escape

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2:30 pm on Sunday, September 25
prisoners seized control of H7
the prison officers where taken hostage at gunpoint in order to prevent them from triggering an alarm One officer was stabbed with a craft knife,
Another was knocked down by a blow to the back of the head.
One officer who attempted to prevent the escape was shot in the head by Gerry Kelly, but survived.

2:50 pm on Sunday, September 25
prisoners were in total control of H7 without an alarm being raised dozen prisoners took uniforms from officers.
officers were also forced to hand over their car keys and details of where their cars were A rear guard was left behind to watch over hostages.

3:25 pm on Sunday, September 25
a lorry delivering food supplies arrived at the entrance to H7 The lorry driver was told the lorry was being used in the escape, and he was instructed what route to take and how to react if challenged Bobby Storey told the driver that "This man [Gerry Kelly] is doing 30 years and he will shoot you without hesitation if he has to. He has nothing to lose".

3:50 pm on Sunday, September 25
the prisoners left H7
the driver and a prison were taken back to the lorry, and the driver's foot tied to the clutch. 37 prisoners climbed into the back of the lorry
Gerry Kelly lay on the floor of the cab with a gun pointed at the driver The driver was also told the cab had been booby trapped with a hand grenade.

4:00 pm on Sunday, September 25
the lorry drove towards the main gate of the prison
Ten prisoners dressed in guards' uniforms and armed with guns and chisels dismounted from the lorry They entered the gatehouse, where they took the officers hostage.

4:05 pm on Sunday, September 25
the officers began to resist
an officer pressed an alarm button
When other staff responded via an intercom, a senior officer said while being held at gunpoint that the alarm had been triggered accidentally. prisoners were struggling to maintain control in the gatehouse due to...
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