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Executive Summary

Masafi Company has won local and international recognition with the award of several quality certificates Its products are processed and packaged in a fully automated, modern manufacturing facility utilizing innovative processing technologies. Water passes through a multi stage filtration system. Products spread in many supermarkets , schools ,mosques, parks ,malls, hospitals ,coffee shops and homes

Masafi is one of the largest producers of mineral water in the Gulf region established in 1976 in Dubai , UAE .It has been the leader in its field, it's not only for producing water also there are many products .Masafi Water it's come from mountains in RAS ALkhaima where it is the clear number one brand choice amongst consumers. Masafi Mineral Water is considered one of the leaders in bottled water manufacture in the Middle East. Started by 5.5 millions , also masafi juice is one of the top ten UAE juice Brands . Moreover, Masafi is served all slice of the society and produce many products like ( Water , children Juices , tissue , flavoured water, potato chips and basmati rice). It's export 30% of its products to 56 countries like Oman , Qatar , African countries ,UK , japan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Jordan, Djibouti, Syria, Bahrain, Morocco, Taiwan, Germany, Bangladesh and Pakistan. according to the demand of these countries. Since its establishment in 1976, Masafi Mineral Water has provided a consistent, healthy bottled water product which conforms many Food & Health Authority product guidelines as well as to the internationally accepted U.S. Food And Drug Administration (USFDA) bottled water standards. And also it get many Certifications like ISO 9001 : 2000 , ISO 14001 :2004 , HACCP , International bottled water association and Quasi – USA . The Company employees over 400 people in its manufacturing facility and distribution centers

It's Masafi's constant endeavour to provide premium quality products through continuous innovation and strengthen its leadership.

Masafi Mineral Water Company processes, produces, and packages bottled water in the United Arab Emirates. The company also offers juices , tissue; and additional services, such as installation, training, and after sales service on beverage machines. It distributes its products through its sales and distribution teams in many emirates, as well as in UK, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Product Analysis:
1- Water Brands
- Masafai Mineral Water: there is many size for the bottle ( 4 gallons 1.5 L ,330 ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 L, 1.5 L . 2- Gourmet potato chips labelled “healthy “in different flavours. 3-Faical tissues in different colours and scents, and also fragrant tissues like oud, lavender and roses , also it produces for children and small one for cars. 4- Masafi also produces 14 flavoured juices ( e.g Melon , Mango ,grapefruit and lemons) 5- flavoured natural water available also in this company ( e.g . Lemon , strawberry and lemon with mint ). 6- Recent addition to this company in basmati rice .

Products During the journey of Masafi :

Competitive Strategy
Competitive rivalry factor is playing an important role in any business chain, in Solectron case, it has many strategic plans that keep it in the market, for example, Solectron in china still considered one of the most famous electronic components suppliers although the traditional challenges of Chinese industry. But Solectron was succeeding to grow up as electronic provider. The same challenge was found in Middle East and gulf region SWOT Analysis :

A well establish brand in the UAE and GCC region
Exporting about 30-40 % from its products abroad
Having 42% of the market share of bottled water in UAE
It established itself Successfully as a complete company

It's not the most preferred water in UAE
It still not have that much...

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