Mary Surratt Conspiracy

Topics: Family, Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, Murder, Slavery in the United States, Massachusetts / Pages: 2 (314 words) / Published: Apr 6th, 2017
Kaleb Cockerell
English 11
Angela Bray

The Conspiracies of a Confederate
While doing some research on Mary Surratt I discovered that she was the first woman in America to be hanged. She was hanged for being part of the conspiracy theory along with John Wilkes Booth for Lincoln's assassination. Leading up to her death she still pleading guilty. In this paper we will discuss what events happened in her life leading her to the path that she chose.
Surratt was born in Waterloo, Maryland in May 1823. She married John Harrison Surratt in 1840, and he purchased land at a crossroads he named Surrattsville. He built a building that became a bar and home to Mary and their three children.
After being married to John 39 years he passed away, although

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