Mary Seacole

Topics: Florence Nightingale, Crimean War, Mary Seacole Pages: 3 (302 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Mary Seacole
Mary Seacole was a nurse who helped treat soldiers in the Crimean War, She would take her medicines straight to the soldiers on the battlefield Mary was born in 1805 to a Scottish soldier and a free black woman who ran away together to Kingston, Jamaica. Mary learned about medicine and herbal treatments from her mother. What she learnt came very useful in the 1850s when Kingston was hit by a disease called cholera. Mary got involved in the Crimean War when she heard of the terrible conditions and the massive outbreak of cholera in the war. She travelled to London and tried to join Florence Nightingale’s nurses but was rejected. Mary decided to make her own way to the battlefield. When she arrived, she tried again to join Nightingale but again was refused. Mary decided she would set up her own hospital called the British Hospital. She started off by selling fresh wholesome meals and drinks to the soldiers to raise money. When she had enough money she was able to buy her medical supplies for wounded soldiers. She would take her preparations to treat soldiers and even some enemies directly onto the battlefield. In 1856 in an article the The Morning Advertiser quoted “Mary Seacole was often seen riding out to the front with baskets of medicine of her own preparations, and this is particularly the case after an engagement with the enemy”. I think Mary Seacole was an extremely brave and great woman going to the Crimean War. She started in Jamaica then went to London to find Florence Nightingale. She was rejected but still was committed and went on to the battlefield. Florence refused again so Mary decided to setup her own hospital. Mary was a very strong person who believed strongly in helping the soldiers.
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