Mary Poppins

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Mary Poppins on Broadway
Mary Poppins is about a nanny who comes to the Banks family to take care of two young children, Jane and Michael. Mr. Banks does not like her in the beginning, however as she teaches the children manners and to have respect for others in fun ways, he starts enjoying having her around. The children and the family are soon happy with everything Mary Poppins has done for them.

The playwright of this Broadway show comes from a movie that was presented in 1964. I believe that the playwright wanted to establish everything just like the movie. Growing up as a child, My sister and I had an obsession with Mary Poppins and would watch the movie all the time. To this day, she sings songs from the movie to my two year old niece. The Broadway show was no different from the movie, which made me really happy. It disappoints me that sometimes shows are different from the actual movie even though they are originated from the movie. They definitely accomplished trying to turn the movie into an actual live show and being able to do that with all the details from the movie is amazing.

The productions, being the most important part of the play was put together so perfectly that even if there was a mistake or something going wrong, nothing was obvious. The actors really drew my attention by the way they were so into their roles. It was almost like they were not playing a role, but it was them in that life. The children, Jane and Michael were so fascinating because even though they are young they seemed as if they have been acting for years. I thought that their performance was even better than the adults. Having such big roles, really showed their characteristics and talent. As for Mary Poppins, she was by far my favorite. She took control of the stage and made it clear that she was the main attraction.

The set was designed to suit the exact settings of the movie transformed into the show. The one setting that they had that really...
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