Mary Mitchell Slessor, a Scottish Missionary

Topics: Love, Jesus, English-language films Pages: 4 (1552 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Thousands of adults and children die every day. Are you going to stand back and watch? Or are you going to be a world-changer and do something about it? Mary Slessor decided to do something about it. However, Mary went through some trials in her life before she became a missionary. She grew up in Scotland with six siblings. Her father worked as a shoemaker and her mother stayed home with the children. After the death of the eldest child, dark days came upon the family. Mr. Slessor dropped into habits of drinking and soon lost his job. The family then moved to Dundee and entered more hardships. They lacked in wealth and needed to sell their furniture, but soon the money melted away. Mr. Slessor continued working as a shoemaker but before long became a laborer in the mills. The family went through the loss of three more children and shortly after, Mrs. Slessor began working in the mills to help support the family. This left all of the household chores to Mary, but at age eleven she too, began working as a factory girl. Eventually, her job became a necessity to the family’s income. Mr. Slessor continued to drink and would spend every penny he could get his hands on in this way. Unfortunately, Mrs. Slessor sent Mary to the pawnshop behind his back in order to pay the bills. Also, there would be one night of terror in the house every week. Mr. Slessor would come home in an angry rage and would throw his food against the wall, which sometimes forced Mary out of the house, crying. These trials strengthened Mary and deepened her sympathy and pity for others. Although she came from a poverty-stricken home, she changed the world by being bold in her faith, determined in her mind and loving in her heart. Undoubtedly bold in her faith, Mary dared to face anything in her life. If a trial brought an opportunity to share Christ with another, she would boldly stand strong knowing that God would protect her. Webster’s Dictionary states that bold means, “Ready to take risks or...
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