Mary Anderson

Topics: Automobile, Rain sensor, Windscreen wiper Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Driving during Rain or Snow is No Problem Because Of Mary Anderson Mary Anderson was born February 19 1866 and died June 27 1953. During her lifetime, Anderson represents herself as a business person. In addition to building and managing an apartment building in Birmingham, Alabama, she operated a cattle ranch and vineyard in Fresno, California. Not a lot is known about Mary Anderson, except for the incident that inspired her famous creation. When Anderson got to New York, the weather was rather messy, and she saw drivers regularly stopping their cars and getting out removing snow and ice from the windshields. In 1903, it rarely occurred to anyone that rain on a moving vehicle's windshield was a problem that could be eliminated. It was something drivers simply accepted and dealt with in their own ways, usually by stopping every once in a while and manually scraping off the windshield moisture that was causing them to see poorly while they were driving. A young woman named Mary Anderson changed all that with her invention of the windshield wiper, an idea that leapt into her mind as she traveled from Alabama to New York City. Ms .Anderson decided this routine could be improved. She began to draw up plans for a device that could be activated from inside the car to clear the windshield. The following year, in 1904, Anderson applied for a contract for a swinging arm with a rubber blade. The device was made of a lever that could be operated from inside a car by the driver. The lever caused a spring-loaded arm with a rubber blade to swing across the windshield and then back again to their original position, which removes droplets of rain or flakes of snow from the windshield's surface. At the time she applied for her contract, cars were not very popular. Henry Ford’s “Model A” automobile had not even been manufactured yet and he would not create his famed Model T...
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