Marxist Criticism

Topics: Working class, Social class, Poverty Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: August 27, 2013
The Marxist criticism has two aspects through any literary work, and this essay will illustrate these two aspects in “A&P” story. The two aspects of the Marxist system are the economic and the political.

First of all, the economic aspect is classified into many classes such as high, middle, and low or rich and poor. The story shows how the high or the rich class possesses the power and the opposite is equally true; for example, Queenie who is one of the three girls is from a high class and has all the power because she is the leader of the three girls group, and another example is Lengel, who is the manager of the store who is rich and even in a higher class than the girls because he told the girls to wear something the next time they visit his store because he didn’t want them to break his reputation in front of the other shoppers. On the other hand, the middle class is illustrated by Stokesie who is one of the cashiers in the store and he is only a few years older than Sammy, but he’s married with two kids and he might be a manager in a few years, meanwhile Sammy who is also a crasher in the store and he works hard, but he is not married, poor, and weak, and this appears when Lengal said “You’ll feel this for the rest of your life”. This shows how unfair the society is through the lens of the Marxist system of course, because the one who doesn’t work hard get paid more than the one who does; such as Sammy and Lengal, Sammy works hard and still poor and has no power, while Lengal who just sits in the store and gives orders to his workers and his customers is in a high class, rich, and possesses all the power.

To conclude, this story shows that although the rich people do not work as hard as the poor people do, they are richer and more powerful than them, and all what had been said is related to the lens of the Marxist system.
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