Marxism and Health Care

Topics: Marxism, Sociology, Karl Marx Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: April 17, 2013
How does one theoretical perspective discussed in chapter two contribute to a deeper sociological understanding of health and health care? For many years sociological approaches towards health were not adequately utilised as a means of gaining an enriched understanding of concurrent physical and social issues relating to health care. The application of theoretical perspectives in reference to health emerged during the 1950’s and was commonly perceived as being empirical rather then theoretical in nature (Gray, D. E. 2006). Theories are essentially an explanation of how things work and why they happen (Germov, J. 2009). In effect they provide us with answers through the application of concepts and hypothetical approaches that allow us to gain greater insight into issues relating to health across the holistic patient spectrum. As the conceptual development of sociological theory evolved many landmark theoretical perspectives were formed that eventually lead to the development of ‘health sociology’. Essentially health sociology utilises core ideologies in order to implement measures that will improve specific elements of health care and help to highlight the social determinants of health. The application of theoretical perspective being employed in regards to health can be further explored through the analysis of fundamental Marxist ideologies. The fundamental basis of Marxist theology has strong links to health as it is concerned with the distinction between the upper class and the lower class. In particular Marxism explores the working classes inability to exercise adequate control over the determinants of health. Through extensive analysis of Marxism’s various theories regarding health it becomes highly evident that when used as a theoretical perspective there is a level of contemporary resonance as it enables pivotal insight regarding a furthered sociological understanding of health.

The theoretical perspective Marxism is a result of the writings of Karl...
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