Marvel vs. Dc

Topics: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Superman Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Since I was very young, comics have fascinated me. To most people a comic is just that, a comic, but to a fan the worlds of the two major comic companies, DC and Marvel, couldn’t be more different. I ,for one, prefer the world of DC.

The origin stories for the heroes couldn’t be more different. In the Marvel universe the origins tend to lean one of two ways, magic or science. For example, Spider-Man developed his powers after a radioactive spider bit his nerdy alter ego Peter Parker or Juggernaut whose alter ego Cain Marko was transformed into a hulking behemoth by the magic Ruby of Cyttorak. While in the DC universe origins tend to lean toward the unexplored reaches of space and realistic drama. For example, Batman whose alter ego Bruce Wayne had to watch his parents murdered in front of him as a child or the alien child from a dead world sent to earth, Kal-El better know as Clark Kent whom would one day become Superman. The differences are clear, while Spider-Man gained his powers from a freak accident, Bat-Man was born from a lust for revenge and justice.

Each company has evolved their worlds very differently over the years as well. Marvel has disgraced by changing their heroes for new generations by completely recreating them and adding new stories that have nothing to do with main continuity. Spider-man has a total of 6 different continuities where in each one our favorite web-slinger has been changed to appeal to a different demographic. For instance in the series Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane, Spider-Man has been changed to appeal more to the young female readers. In contrast DC has changed their heroes little over the years, keeping them tried and true to their origins. Superman has only had one major lasting continuity since his creation, in 1932. He has always been and always will be “The Last Son of Krypton” and a symbol for truth, justice, and the American way. While Marvel constantly updates their heroes to try and keep them fresh, DC has knows...
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