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Martinez M3 Interview

By mm8115 May 23, 2015 355 Words
Data Collection Interviews and Observations
Miguel Martinez
Module 3.5
Chapter 7
1. Hoshimi has planned to carry out structured interviews. How do structured interviews differ from unstructured interviews? Which would be more appropriate for this study and why?

a) Structured interviews ask similar questions in the same format. The answers are recorded and scored on a standard grid. Unstructured interviews are more casual and unrehearsed. I think that a structured interview would best fit this situation. Hoshimi has established specific objectives she is trying to get answers to.

2. What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of using face to face interviews in this situation?

a) When conducting face to face interviews, Hoshimi is able to change or adjust her questions to ensure clarity of the question and ensure that the answers were clearly understood. She can also pick up on nonverbal cues and be able to adjust her questions to clearly understand the interviewee’s point of view. The disadvantages of face to face interview may be you that the interview time might be limited to time. People she is interviewing are typically there to enjoy their time not get interviewed. The quality of the interview will be based on the quality of the interviewer. This will vary depending how large her interview staff is.

3. The information obtained during the interviews should be as free as possible from bias. How can Hoshimi minimize bias introduced by the interviewer, the interviewee or the situation?

a) The interviewer must be aware of his bias. He must be open to any impression that may be displayed by the interviewee. The interviewer has to ensure they do not use inflection, personality or any other aspect to introduce any bias.

4. What advice would you give Hoshimi regarding the selection of participants for her interviews? a) She should try to encompass a wide range of demographics in order to obtain better information as to who these centers appeal to most. Ensure the questions are direct enough to get the data to answer the objectives but give the interviewer enough flexibility to be able to further examine any answer given.

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