Martin Luther King Letters from Birmingham Jail

Topics: White people, Black people, Race Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Laverne McGee
Dr. Reginald Martin

English 3326

October 23, 2012

"Long Black Song"

"Long Black Song" narrative highlights several themes by exposure of the characters in different arenas or acts. The characters: Sarah, sila who is Sarah’s husband Tom and many other small characters reveal the themes of: racism, immorality, race superiority, and marriage betrayal. However betrayal is best highlighted by the characters. The story employs the use of the color of ones skin to interpret different circumstances

When the white man enters Sarah house with the intent of selling the gramophone highlights the modes of the culture of the white man. It exhibits superiority in color; considering that he could get whatever he wanted with ease from a black person. The white man somehow tries to persuade Sarah to buy the gramophone despite her intensive refusal to buy the gadget. The man shows arrogance and inconsideration for the African women. The man could go to the extent of leaving the handkerchiefs; clothes and the gramophone noting that he could not even consider what Sarah husband would does if he found the items in the house. He notes that because his race he is much superior to that of blacks he could not think of the Sarah husband.Sila would love to be white, as he perceives that being so resembles success in life. He admires and pursues the things that the white men think they are their entitlements. The black women have the encounters from the admirations from the white people. The white conducts their desires to the black women at night. The white men and the women meet at night to engage in the night business to satisfy their desires. However, the confusion emerges in that both races envies the other and would love to have what the other has; however, the second part of the song presents a persistency of the unbearable relations between the two races (Wright)....
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