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A Letter From Birmingham Jail
After reading the “Letter From Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr, I can see that he used many strategies to convince readers about segregation. He directed this text to clergymen and a moderate amount of white people of Birmingham. Martin claimed that he was an outsider but he provided moral reasons for his presence. Martin Luther King Jr.’s first strategy was to explain his plan of organizing a non-violent action. He stated that the word “Tension” frighten the white moderates, but it embraced the concept as “constructive and nonviolent”. He also insisted that negotiation couldn’t happen without protest. Martin also explained that oppressed people cannot be oppressed forever and he said “Something within has reminded him of his birth right of freedom and something without has reminded him that it can be gain.” This means that the American-Negro can get their birth right of freedom if only they can gain it. The way to gain the birth right of freedom is by succeeding in the nonviolent action that Martin described. Martin was able to clearly express himself and explain the situation in this letter. When reading through the letter, I could clearly see that he was trying to show that injustices exist. He said that if a black man’s house was burnt down or bombed, the police would not investigate the incident. On the other hand, if a white man’s house were burnt, then the police would try as hard as they can to find the culprit. Furthermore, Martin was able to make the reader sympathize when he said, “ We have waited for more than 340 years for our constitutional and God-given rights.” In addition, Martin also wrote examples of how black people are mistreated. He said that black people’s first name had become “Nigger” and their middle name has become “boy” regardless of their age, and then “john” follows. In one of the paragraph, Martin explained of why he wanted to start making actions then. He said, “For years now I have...
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