Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

Topics: African American, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: January 26, 2014

Martin Luther King in the 60’s
Since the late 1600’s, African Americans have been fighting for equality. In 1865, during the presidency of Andrew Jackson, laws were imposed to segregate severely against blacks. During this time public schools were segregated, prohibiting their right to vote, and forbid them to sit on juries. At this point, African Americans became embittered and wanted to make a change in the way they were being treated. Heroes such as Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King were role models who strived for true freedom for African Americans. Martin Luther King, imparticular, was well known for his peaceful protesting and inspirational speeches. King’s work throughout the 1960’s led to great improvements of equality among the blacks and whites.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised by both parents, which were both reverends. King’s house that he lived with his parents in was named after his grandfather being named the Williams House. King’s family called him Michael because his father’s name was also Martin. Martin’s name was originally just Martin King Jr. until his father added Luther after Martin Luther, a Protestant leader in Germany. Being raised with three children in the household, King was the second child of his family. His older sister, Willie Christine King, and his younger brother, Alfred Daniel Williams King, all lived in the same household as him. The parents of Martin gave him a happy upbringing and tried to give him everything they possibly could. During his early childhood he always played the piano, which he taught himself how to do. King’s grandfather and father also provided him with spiritual teachings throughout his young life. The immediate family of Martin was a financially secure middle-class family. Therefore he received a better education than most young children of his race. Although King was raised with excellent morals, he encountered several racial...
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