Martin Luther King Jr

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Ralph Abernathy Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: June 13, 2013
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Martin Luther King Jr. felt poorly the night he delivered this speech, the last one of his life. The venue was a mass meeting held in the Bishop Charles Mason Temple Church of God. Andrew Young, who was with him at the time, said King initially decided not to speak at all that night. King and his small entourage - including Ralph Abernathy, Jesse Jackson, and Benjamin Hooks - had led a march that day protesting low pay for black garbage collectors in Memphis. A rainstorm was gathering. King decided he was too sick to preach. He asked his best friend, Abernathy, to speak instead. Once in the church, Abernathy felt King would have to speak to the crowd, so he phoned King and asked him to come down. Abernathy promised that he would still do the preaching; King would just have to say a few words. Abernathy spoke for more than half an hour, his words energizing the crowd. That called up the spirit in Reverend King, and he spoke that night without a single note in hand. King had warned in previous sermons that he might die before the struggle ended. It was not the first time he told listeners he'd "seen the promised land." King had been living with death threats for years. King stepped onto the balcony of his room at the Lorraine Motel, checking the weather to decide whether to bring a coat. As he leaned over the railing, talking with Jesse Jackson and others below, King was fatally shot. Herbie Blog

The text challenges our values as a young boy is bullied until he falls to his death out of a tree he is forced to climb. The fact that an indigenous writer has written this text from the point of view of a racist young white boy, suggests that he is trying to get young white boys to see the damage they can cause. Black in some cultures is seen as the work of the devil and in some as the colour of mourning and a representation of grief. The darkness of the colour black helps bring forward one of the key ideas of racism. “Herbie was the only boong to go to...
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