Martin Luther King Jr.

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King, Morehouse College Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Nathan Grass
Ms. Grace
English 9/Period 2
18 October 2011
Martin Luther King Jr.
One name changed the face of America. One man had an ambitious dream. That man was Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that one person could change everything. MLK Jr. was the most important man in the Civil Rights movement. He experienced racism at a very young age and later was the biggest contributor to the Civil Rights movement until his life came to an abrupt end. Martin Luther King was born January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia (Carson). King was born Michael Luther King. Michael eventually changed his name to Martin. Even though King was brought up in a secure place, it did not protect him from the prejudices (Carson). At age six King had his first encounter with racism when a classmate of his said his mom could not play with King anymore because they were attending segregated schools (Carson). Then at the age of 12 King’s grandmother died of a fatal heart attack (Carson). King was very upset and distraught. When he attended a parade without his parents’ permission he attempted suicide from a second story building (Carson). King received a very good education for an African-American during that time. At age 15 King attended Morehouse College in Atlanta (Carson). He entered college very early in his life because of a special wartime program that was intended to boost enrollment at Colleges (Carson). “Before beginning college, however, King spent the summer on a tobacco farm in Connecticut; it was his first extended stay away from home and his first substantial experience of race relations outside the segregated South (Carson).” King was shocked of how the different races were treated equally. At Morehouse King’s studies were in Medicine and law (Carson). From here he attended Crozer Theological Seminary (Linde). Here King became familiar with Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence (Carson). After this King went to Boston University (Carson)....

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October 12
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