Martin Luther King

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2 October 2013
The most hilarious, embarrassing day of my life, all started on what I thought to be a typical Wednesday afternoon in my lovely sophomore life. I was strolling along with my friend Andie, into the lovely crowded lunches of hudson high. “What’s for lunch today?” questioned Andie, I glanced up and to my pleasant surprise, they were serving my favorite, “fettuccini alfredo!” I exclaimed with excitement! “Welp somones a little to excited about that, lets hurry to the lunch lines before they get ridiculously long!” We made our way to the million hour lines, I couldn’t wait to finally receive my warm plate of pasta. This was the best meal they served all week. “Name?” said the lunch lady, In her typical mono toned, ‘I hate the world’ type voice. “Jbob,”

“Okay, you’re good to go,” she handed over my long awaited Styrofoam plate of Alfredo. I was so excited I rushed over to the plastic ware section to grab my spoons and a few napkins, in case I got a little messy. I walked to toward my lunch seat, so excited to finally sit down and dig in. Little did I know, just a few feet ahead would lay a something that would shift my happy Alfredo hump day!

Someone must’ve forgot to clean up their spilt, smooshed cherries because I was approaching my lunch table, with Andie, my footfound its way onto the mess, slipped upwards, and my butt descended toward the lovely cold, white, speckled tiles of Land O’ Lakes High. My plate went flying in the air, and of course found its way back down onto my sheer, coral shirt and all over my jeans. Andie, stood there in shock, I could how embarrassed she felt for me, but honestly she probably would’ve made it a little less awkward if she would’ve just laughed as along with 75% of the rest of the students. At this point, I realized there was no point of feeling embarrassed, because I knew I’d look back in a couple of years and die of laughter of this moment right here. Not to mention, my lunch was full of freshman, so the...
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