Martin Luther King

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A Dream in Retrospect: Remembering Martin Luther King Junior History abounds with traces marked by people with a dream, and one of the most prominent of these dreamers is Martin Luther King Jr. who voiced his dream in one of the most famous speeches “I Have a Dream” presented in history in front of thousands of people year 1963 and changed the course of history. MLK Jr. is an important figure and leader in African American history. He is notably renowned for his civil rights movement, and his demand for equality between black and white. MLK Jr., the hero of the civil rights movement, was capable of steering history in the direction of freedom for his people beginning with a dream that was echoed and continues to echo through multiple representations. In the “Symposium in Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” one of the authors, Louis Lusky, questioned whether the king dream was a fantasy or prophecy? And whether in his death the dream died along. And he argued that it is only “a hope” that the dream perfection of a single American Community is achieved. (Lusky, pp. 1029, 1039) On another note, Dr. Maya Angelou on the Oprah Winfrey show hopes young people do not think of Dr. King as "larger than life." Instead, she says everyone should remember him as a great man, whose footsteps they can follow asserting that people "need to be told time and again that [King] is great and was great and human". On the matter of heritage sites, memorials and street names, Derek H. Alderman said that street names are important memorial landscapes that play a key but under-analyzed role in the contested process of attaching meaning to the past. (Alderman, pp. 171,172) Whereas, Johnson Davi admires King’s use of the power of images to stage public dramas that made racial conflict visible like what he did in Birmingham. (Davi, pp. 21) How can a dream be recounted accurately, especially when a great African American leader such as “Martin Luther King Junior” epitomize it? Can media,...

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