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Topics: Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation, Desiderius Erasmus Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Diet of Worms

Due to a quirk in time, you have been transported back to the year 1520 and the city of Worms. Here, you find yourself involved in the trial of the German Monk, Martin Luther, who has given himself up to the authority of the Catholic Church to address the charges that he is, in two words, a heretical revolutionary. The specific charges are as follows: Count 1. Development and preaching of heretical doctrines

Count 2. Inciting members of the Catholic Church to rebel against the authority and established doctrines of the universal Church Count 3. Willful denial of the authority of the Pope and Catholic Church

Roles in the Simulation:
Characters will be assigned by lottery. All character assignments are final after the drawing.

Character Roles in the Trial Simulation:
The Prosecution
Prosecuting Attorney
Prosecuting Attorney
Leo X
Charles V
John Tetzel

The Defense
Defense Attorney
Defense Attorney
Martin Luther
Desiderius Erasmus
Friedrich the Wise

Martin Luther
1. Is the defendant in the trial.
2. Will testify in his defense before the tribunal.
3. Must be able to answer questions consistently with Luther's theological views and be familiar with specific aspects of his life. Prosecution Team
1. The prosecution shall consist of two attorneys.
2. The prosecution will prepare its case to prove that Martin Luther IS guilty under each of the three counts of the indictment listed above. 3. The prosecution team will prepare two four-minute speeches: (1) introducing and (1) summarizing the prosecution's case against Luther. 4. The prosecution will be allowed to ask four primary questions and four follow up questions as part of its examination of each witness (time not to exceed five minutes). Defense Team

1. The defense team shall consist of two attorneys.
2. The defense team will prepare its case to prove that Martin Luther is NOT guilty of any of the charges as outlined by...
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