Martian Chronicles

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Bradbury’s Reflection On Human Mindset
Based on the actions in The Martian Chronicles, Bradbury’s opinion is that humans are greedy, arrogant, disrespectful, and insecure. In the novel humans were portrayed in a negative way. Bradbury created humans as a society to crumble in the future because of their own insecurities. Humans’ self-righteousness is their biggest flaw as a society and individuals.

When Captain Williams and his crew arrived at Mars on the second expedition, he expected all the Martians to gawk at their presents as if it was a gift from god. As the crew explored Mars they became frustrated at the lack of interest the Martians showed to the Earth men. Captain William’s arrogance is brought out when he stated, “We’d like someone to give us the key to the city or something like that, and we’d like somebody to shake our hands and say ‘Hooray’ and say ‘Congratulations, old man!’” to one of the many Martians that didn’t acknowledge his crew and himself (30). Captain Williams reflects the trait of arrogance that humans show to the unknown, including towards unacquainted humans. Bradbury shows how humans assume they have more self-worth then any unknown; therefore, humans deserve divine right in comparison to the Martians.

As humans left Earth to colonize Mars, humans did not care to preserve any inkling of any evidence of past life inhabiting their new settlement. The history of Mars was diminished down to the names of ancient cities. Humans renamed the cities after metals and American cities; for example: Iron Town, Steel Town, and Detroit II. In this act Bradbury makes an example of how greedy humans can be. Humans showed no consideration for the past life that once lived on their new settlement. Mars was recreated as if humans found new land that no life has ever colonized.

As humans began to build Mars, they decided not to have any trace of old architecture. Humans did not want to be reminded of the struggle of claiming a land that...
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