Martian Chronicles

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The Martian Chronicles: A Look into Colonization on Mars
Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, a science fiction novel explores the lives of the people who are migrating and colonizing Mars in order to escape an atomically devastated Earth. The book is a collection of short stories that are inter-related, and they describe the lives and assimilation processes of a number of settlers that came from earth to the planet Mars. It narrates the difficulties that the settlers face in getting accustomed to the different environment and their efforts to create a new set of values and cultural ethos in an alien environment. Through his commentary on American colonization, Ray Bradbury conveys the theme of metamorphosis in The Martian Chronicles and portrays the assimilation of Earthmen to the Martian territory and society.

The story begins with rockets being sent to Mars. A total of four rockets are sent and each rocket brings along settlers from the planet Earth. Each expedition that lands carries a story of its own, which unwinds as the book progresses. “The ship came down from space. It came from the stars and the black velocities, and the shining movements, and the silent gulfs of space.” (Bradbury, 32). The first expedition starts with a Martian lady, Ylla, who, through telepathy, dreams of a rocket ship landing on Mars. She arouses her husband's jealousy by her romance with one of the astronauts on the spacecraft. In a fit of rage, her husband kills two of the men in the expedition when the rocket ship lands on Mars. “Telepathic, the Martians know the humans’ arrival is imminent.”(Student’s Encyclopedia of Great American Writers, Web). The second expedition illustrates the crew going to a place where they hallucinate and think that they are in Loganathan 2

an insane asylum; this makes Dr. XXX kill the crew members and finally kill himself. Furthermore, the third expedition shows how Captain John Black tells the crew to stay on the ship, but they refuse to...
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