Martial Law

Topics: Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines, Human rights Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: August 17, 2011
What started the martial law?

It all started from bombing in Plaza Miranda. The 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing occurred during a political campaign rally of the Liberal Party at Plaza Miranda in the district of Quiapo, Manila on August 21, 1971. It caused nine deaths and injured 95 others. The injured Party's campaign rally was held to proclaim the candidacies of eight Senatorial bets as well as the candidate for the Mayoralty race in Manila. As a crowd of about 4,000 gathered to hear speeches. Two hand grenades were reportedly tossed on stage. Among those killed instantly were a 5 year old child and The Manila Times photographer Ben Roxas. Almost everyone on stage was injured, including incumbent Senator Jovito Salonga (Liberal Party), President Gerardo Roxas and Sergio Osmeña, Jr., (son of former President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Sergio Osmeña). The election was cancelled because of the bombing in plaza Miranda. Which made President Ferdinand Marcos to declare Martial Law and continue to rule Philippines.

The Martial Law

By definition, Martial Law is the temporary superimposition of military government over civil government. This military-run government is put into place in the event of war or serious national emergencies. During such times, the military and its accompanying superiors take over the executive, legislative and judicial functions normally delegated to the civil government by virtue of its constitution. As a consequence, the writhabeas corpus, or the right of an individual in custody to be brought to court to determine whether such incarceration or imprisonment is lawful, may be suspended indefinitely. This suspension of individual rights denies the person due process of law.

My Reflection:

When we speak of Martial Law, the first thing that comes to our mind is the former President who installed it, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. In truth, we blame this person for the failure that was martial law. Still, there are some who...
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