Martha Rogers

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Martha Roger's:
A Brief Introduction to Science of Unitary Human Beings
The concept of Unitary Health Care emerged from the revolutionary work of the nursing academic Professor Martha E. Rogers during the 1950s in New York. She created the conceptual health care system that became known throughout the world as the Science of Unitary Human Beings, drawing knowledge from a variety of disciplines in the sciences, arts and humanities. This holistic view focused on treating the whole patient, and not just the illness. The Science of Unitary Human Beings provides an alternate approach to evaluating patients beyond the traditional scope of nursing care. It provides a framework for nursing practice, education and research. The basis for the concept of Unitary Health Care rests in the four postulates consisting of energy fields, open systems, pattern, and pandimensionality. From these postulates, Dr. Martha Roger's as well derived three hemodynamic principles those being resonancy, helicy, and integrality as a basis for structure of her theory. In the following script, I will focus on the postulate of Energy Fields, which describes human and environmental fields as one entity in constant interaction not as two separate wholes (Thomas, 2000). A Brief History on M. D.

M. D. is a 93 year-old female admitted to Lawrence General on 3/14/2006 with chief complaint of chest pain/ CHF. The patient has a history of cardiovascular disease with risk factors significant for hypertension, family history of CAD, AF, recurrent pneumonia, and COPD. Patient had a permanent pacemaker inserted on 3/01/2004 for sick sinus syndrome with a cardiac echo revealing LVEF of 55% with aortic sclerosis. The patient has undergone numerous procedures including a cholecystectomy, umbilical hernia repair, exploratory laparotomy, and appendectomy. At 0600 3/28/2006, the patient coded and was placed on a ventilator but has since been unresponsive. Labs at 0800 revealed a Troponin I level of 0.49, a...

References: Thomas, C. L., (Ed.). (2000). Taber 's cyclopedic medical dictionary (18th ed.).
Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Company
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