Martha Rinaldi

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Management Pages: 6 (1994 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Martha Rinaldi, an enthusiastic and over-ambitious Marketing MBA graduate, accepted position at Potomac Waters over Deep Dive Pizza. She made this after carefully analyzing both the organizations (Exhibit 1) and then choosing her career growth and development over the monetary benefits. An intelligent career decision turned out to be a struggle as her relations worsened with her teammate and manager leading towards the decision of whether to stay or to switch internally or accept the standing offer at a smaller company. Problems as seen by Martha

On Job Learning & Training issue: Her basic motive in joining Potomac Waters was that she will be provided with the extensive learning and trainings in marketing field. Since the company was aiming towards national branding, it had superior marketing department; and Martha hoped to work in a challenging environment with exciting opportunities. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out in her department as expected. Neither her peer nor her boss helped her out with the learning. In fact, they were too busy to guide her. She was expected to learn on her own. Work Quality Issue: With the appreciation and job offer she got in return of her contributions at Deep Dive Pizza during summer internship; Martha had risen in her sense of self-actualization and self-esteem. Also, with her excellent analytical and problem solving skills she had developed a high need for achievement. When she joined Potomac, she expected similar challenging and complex work right away so she could start contributing. But with the menial tasks assigned to her by Jamie, she was getting impatient and frustrated. Poor Relations with Jamie Vaughn: She was having the worst time with Jamie. They often had clashes regarding the work issue. Martha felt that Jamie was burdening her and assigning her the basic tasks which weren’t contributing any value to her knowledge. She felt she had much to offer. Poor Relations with Natalie Follet: She had a feeling of lack of interest from her manager. She believed this because first of all, she was not formally welcomed by her manager. Secondly, Follet didn’t assign or define her exact role/duties in the department precisely. Thirdly, she didn’t appreciate her efforts in the presentation. Fourthly, she did very little to improve her relations with Jamie; in-fact she supported Jamie. Analysis of the Problems

It was quite evident that her decision to join Potomac Waters was not motivated by the monetary benefits which she had already sacrificed over the quality of learning, training and knowledge offered. Her enthusiasm and urge to learn made her overly excited or over ambitious. Her expectations of this job were very high based on her competency in her summer internship. Outperforming in that field raised her self-actualization and her self-esteem. She had earned her self the recognition which was proven by the job offer. Starting at this job she had a benchmark set for those needs; the assigned menial work could not meet those benchmarks which resulted in her demotivation and frustration. She believed she had much creativity to offer. This problem can is best explained by Maslow’s need hierarchy pyramid (Exhibit 2). She was certainly ignoring the fact that the two organizations had completely different structure and uniquely distinct job cultures. Deep Dive was a small regional entrepreneurial firm as compared to Potomac Waters, a national firm. The ways of working, task delegation, job description, and even the requirements undoubtedly differed from the ones at Deep Dive. Also, her success at Deep Dive did not guarantee the same at Potomac Waters. Another fact is that Martha could not develop a comfortable relation with her manager; she felt neglected and of course mistreated. Though, not completely, but she was actually true to some extent. Natalie had actually failed to comply with her designated roles of being a leader, the resource allocator as well as the...
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