Martha Mccaskey Case Study

Topics: Ethics, Rights, Human rights / Pages: 14 (3344 words) / Published: Dec 4th, 2010
Veronica Koskovich-Underwood
MgtOp 587
Martha McCaskey Case Study

Ethical Issues At issue in the Martha McCaskey case is a question of proprietary information. More specifically, McCaskey is faced with the question of what constitutes proprietary information and what is safe to give to the client without breaching any trade secrets. According to DeGeorge, proprietary information, or trade secrets, are a right of each corporation that they can legally and morally protect and refuse to divulge to the public. The types of information that Seleris' client is asking for about their target company are held tightly by the target to ensure their market share. If the information is given to competitors, they will lose their advantage. However, if specific information as to the new chip is not released but instead is based on industry standards and already publicly-held information, the trade secrets would still be upheld, as there is no way to know for sure that the target is using exactly what has been found. Another issue that McCaskey faces is the methods used to obtain the information to be given to the client. As mentioned above, if it comes directly from the target, it would be releasing trade secrets and infringing on the target's right to hold those. In this case, McCaskey has been asked to not contact the target in order to keep them from knowing that the client is looking into the new chip. In order to get the specific information that they are after, McCaskey will have to use alternative means such as contacting other competitors in the industry, vendors of the target, and possibly ex-employees of the target. Hackert and Malone are pushing for McCaskey to use Phil Devon after learning that he worked for the target in the past. Devon seems open to supplying McCaskey with any information that she needs, but she may be breaching the target's right to trade secrets by doing so. If he has stayed in the loop with the target and has direct

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