marshmallow experiment

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The Marshmallow Experiment

My thought on why we watched this film in class in class is because that it shows one’s ability to delay gratification in order to receive a greater reward. It applies to human adjustment because a person’s ability to be patient and patience is important to be able to cope with stress in life.

Being able to control your gratification reflex at such a young age is says a lot about how they are gonna adjust to situations that come at them throughout their life. I would have to believe that children that waited to eat their marshmallow in order to receive another one later most likely are able to exert this control in all aspects of their lives.

When these same children were reevaluated later in life the children that waited for the second marshmallow were found to be in more stable and loving relationships than those who didn’t wait. Being able to control ones need for immediate gratification allows one to be patient and attentive to their mate putting their needs before their own. People who display this kinda of control approach situations more logically and without a lot emotion.

These same individuals also were found to have higher S.A.T scores and more successful in their chosen careers. When they say patience is a virtue this statement really is true. Taking the time to do things right and follow a course that takes a little extra effort in order bring about greater rewards truly does exactly that. This ability to delay the primal instinct of gratifying ourselves is something that if more of had the world would be immensely better for us all.

In society today everything has become disposable and all about how fast we can get there. The fast food mentality has overrun us and the idea that its not about the destination but the journey is getting tossed. We want things now and our sacrificing our morals and values in order to have the immediate satisfaction of whatever is important to our superficial nature....
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