Mars and Modern Venus

Topics: Mars, Planet, Earth Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: February 11, 2013
They’re very interesting facts about Venus and Mars. They’re similarities and they’re differences. I will be telling you all about these two planets. I will be discussing there features such as, the temperature, the surface, and if one of these days this planet would be habitable. The first planet I will be telling you about is Venus our “twin” astronomers say. Venus is considered a twin sister to earth is because its the near3est planet to us and superficially the two planets seem to share many characteristics. In the last 30 years s astronomers have learned a lot about Venus, and we now know that almost nothing on Venus is like earth. Venus is covered with a thick cloud layer. In the past 3 decades astronomers have learned how to look through the cloud ;layer and they have unlocked many secrets about this planet. Astronomers assume Venus was created around the same time all the other planets in the solar system were created, about 4.54 billion years ago. But no on really knows when Venus was created. Venus is so bright that the first caveman who went outside at dusk or dawn surly noticed Venus. Galileo in 1610 was the first observe that Venus was very similar to the moon. Venus has a visible disk and had phases like the moon. So perhaps he could be considered to have discovered the modern Venus.Venus name came from a Goddess of love and beauty, but its extremely hot and deadly atmosphere makes it impossible for any human astronaut to explore its surface. The diameter of Venus is about 7,520 miles. The atmosphere of Venus is made up of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Venus rotates so slowly that its orbits the sun faster than it can make one whole rotation on its axis. It takes 243 days for Venus to make a rotation. The planet rotates from east to west. The only other planet that does that is Uranus. Venus is basically a nasty planet to live on. The clouds are so thick that little sunlight reaches its surface, and the light that...
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