Marry Warren

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, John Proctor Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Zach Weitzel
Mrs Hamilton
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Mary Warren: Untruthful Puritan
Fear and peer pressure can make people do crazy and unexpected things. A community in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 fell victim to a hysteria that caused the witch trials. This erupted into a unending pointing of fingers and name-calling, which unfortunately ended with the deaths of 20 people, like in Arthur Miller’s, The crucible, Salem, 1692. Starting the play, as a truthful puritan, Mary Warren wants to keep Abigail Williams and the town happy, agrees to try to free Elizabeth, but finally lies to try and save herself.

Before the witch trials even started, Mary Warren’s parents had both died at this stage in her life. This situation forced Mary to become a servant and support herself since she had no funds or property to claim. She was 20 years old and employed as a servant in the household of John Proctor. After being accused as a witch, she was released from jail in june, 1692. There is not much outside information other than she was released and did not die as a result of the trials (Trials in History).

With a town in distress Mary Warren tries to please everyone. Although she knows the truth about Abigail and the others dancing, Mary Warren wants to keep everyone happy. In act 1, after seeing Abby and the others dancing, Mary gets brought into their troubles. Mary desperately asks after getting accused of dancing with them, “What’ll we do? They’ll be callin’ us witches Abby!”(1107).

Zach Weitzel p#2
As she becomes frightened, Mary tries to convince Abigail by saying “Abby we’ve got to tell, witchery’s a hanging error” (17) and “ You’ll only be whipped for dancing, and the other things” (1107). After having enough of Mary Warren, Abby says “ I say shut it, Mary Warren!” (1108), to try and keep her on her side and use fear as a tactic to convince her. Abigail’s threatening nature she used on all the girls including Mary Warren was why they all wanted to keep her...
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